According To Chris Matthews, Everybody Knows That!

The interview linked here was done on August 11, 2009. A Mr. William Kostric does very well to hold his own against, and I do mean against, MSNBC partisan Chris Matthews.

The interview is instructive for a number of reasons. Mr. Matthews, whose rapidly flapping gums induce the kind of ear pain usually expected at heavy metal concerts, makes no effort to be fair. And maybe it’s important to explain how these satellite interviews work to understand the advantage he holds over the interviewee. Matthews can both see and hear Mr. Kostric, while Mr. Kostric is staring into a camera hundreds of miles away, and can only hear Matthews through an earpiece. Having done this type of interview, I can assure you it is quite disorienting. It is simply amazing that Mr. Kostric can thread his way through the badgering of Matthews to give sensible answers at all.

Now to the substance. If you’ve already watched the interview, then the rest of this will make sense to you. If not, you should go watch it now.

I don’t intend to write much here because I don’t think it’s necessary. But it’s important to note that early on Matthews attempts to paint Kostric as a “birther,” who believes Obama  was not born in the U.S. What does that have to do with anything? Mr. Kostric never made any such claim. And other than Mr. Kostric confusing the introduction of the income tax with the Victory Tax (the method of collecting the income tax before the taxpayer ever receives the money, which started as a temporary measure during WWII, but has never gone away), he manages to make Matthews look like the anti-gun, anti-rights zealot that he is.

Just a few brief quotes from the interview should serve to characterize the tenor of this debate (when did interviews become debates?).

Mr. Kostric: “I do know history and the history is that our forefathers fought for the right to keep and bear arms. And they believed that every person should be armed.”

Mr. Matthews’ reasoned response: “Everybody knows that . . . You’re carrying a goddamn gun at a presidential event.”

Mr. Matthews a little later on: “My brothers . . . I have members of my family, members of the NRA, they don’t carry guns but they believe in the right to bear arms, as many Americans do. I’m not against that.”

He’s not against that? Really? If I asked Mr. Matthews his opinion of Jews and Blacks would his answer be that his brothers believe that Jews and Blacks have equal rights, as do many other people, and he’s not against that? I hardly think so. Mr. Matthews clearly has a stronger belief in his first amendment right to be really really loud and wrong than your right and my right to defend ourselves.

Mr. Matthews a little later on: “You speak in a different way than most people.” (i.e. than most people who carry a firearm.)

Again, the implication is that since Mr. Kostric is not a wild-eyed lunatic, spouting birther nonsense and railing against the Council On Foreign Relations, he is not the typical proponent of the right to self defense. Well, Mr. Matthews strikes me as the lunatic here. Goddamn gun? I’m not sure why anyone would hate an inanimate object so passionately. I’ve seen people who’ve had their skulls bashed in with baseball bats, and yet I still root for the Phillies.

The bottom line is this: In the hands of you or me or Mr. Kostric, a gun is a defensive weapon and makes everyone around us safer. But in the hands of a volatile bully like Mr. Matthews . . . I shudder to think. Maybe the real motivation of anti-gun folks like Mr. Matthews is their own certainty that they, themselves, cannot be trusted with a lethal weapon. Until next time.

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A Tale Of Two Attacks . . . And One Idiot

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was attacked a few days ago. He heard a woman crying out for someone to call 911, and he did what he could to assist her. What did he do? Well, first off, he tried to calm down the drunken man who was bothering her. Okay so far, though calming down an angry drunk may be beyond the job description of a mayor. Then, he took out his cell phone and told them he was going to call 911 so the police could sort it out. Yes, he really did. That’s an awful lot like a woman who’s being raped telling her attacker,”Listen, pal, I’m now going to kick you in the nads with my left knee, then I’m going to dig into your eyes with my fingernails. And when I’m done there, I’m going to call 911 so they can sort things out. That good with you?” (more…)

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Yes, Your Legislator Is Anti-Gun

I received a comment on an earlier blog post calling me out for being unfair to Congressman Dean Heller (R-Safest Seat In The Country) and at least one state legislator. I’ve gotten comments like this in person as well. Most often state legislators Ty Cobb and James Settlemeyer are mentioned as being friends of gun rights. Mind you, I never mentioned any of these people by name in that blog post. I merely said we have no friends in Carson City when it comes to gun rights. And I stand by that statement.

Let me make this clear. If you are not a leader on gun rights – if you don’t have that fire in the belly for the right to self-defense of every American citizen – then you are not a friend of gun rights. It’s just that simple.Yes, all three of the above mentioned legislators are above average when voting on gun rights. But in this case, average stinks and above average is not praise worthy. Above average merely means you’re a little less awful. And all evidence to the contrary, I’d like to believe we can do a little better than that. (more…)

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Who Are These People?

You know who I’m talking about. Who are these people who feel so safe, so secure in this world that they’re happy to wait for the police to show up and protect them when violence threatens? I ask a serious question here. Because I know people who are anti-gun rights, and they do not feel all that protected. They merely have made the calculation that a crazed, gun-toting killer is more likely to harm them than a concealed weapon carrying do-gooder is likely to help them. (They don’t connect the dots enough to realize that the crazed killer would likely get a gun illegally, no matter what the law said. But that’s not my point here.)

Those are not the folks I’m asking about. I am asking about newspaper editorial writers, television commentators, legislators, captains of industry, judges and prosecutors. These are the people who seem to feel the safest, the most secure and protected. And these are the people who, more than any others, shape public opinion and policy regarding self-defense. (more…)

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Gun Rights Heros, I Have A Present For You

There’s an old joke about a blind man whose seeing-eye dog takes him on a perilous dash across a busy street. The man is nearly killed half a dozen times before the incompetent canine gets him to the other side. Another man watching this approaches the blind man and asks him what he’s going to do about the dog.

“I’m going to give him a cookie,” says the blind man.

“A cookie? He nearly got you killed. What will giving him a cookie do?”

The blind man answers, “I’m going to give him a cookie to find out where his head is, so I can kick him in the ass.”

Just today, the U.S. Senate voted on a concealed carry reciprocity measure introduced by Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota. (more…)

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Supreme Court Justices – The Last Completely Opinionless People On Earth

The recent Sotomayor Senate hearings  attempted to propagate a lie that is as old as government justice itself. The lie is that judges are a unique breed of mammal that hold no opinions. They hear a compilation of facts, then dispassionately grab a dusty tome of statutes off of the shelf and slavishly apply those statutes to the facts. And what comes out of the hopper is justice.

Now, here on earth, nobody believes that particular lie. For the most part, people believe different lies. There’s the one in which Justice Antonin Scalia is a constitutional originalist, watchdog of truth and justice, protecting you from those heinous “living Constitution” pretenders. And there’s the one that says that the “liberal” wing of the court cares more about the little people. (more…)

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Sonia Sotomayor Wants You To Die

Yeah, that may seem like a dramatic title for a blog post. But it is undeniable that future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wants you to be completely defenseless. She said so yesterday. And in any situation in which your life is in jeopardy, being defenseless is prelude to being dead.

Did she come right out and categorically say she wants you defenseless? Of course not. But she did change the subject when asked point blank if you have a right to self defense. Here’s what she said:

“That’s an abstract question.” (more…)

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Ammo Ammo, Who’s Got The Ammo?

There has been all kinds of speculation recently about where our ammunition has gone. Lots and lots of speculation.

1. We’re fighting two wars.

2. The Chinese are buying up huge amounts of copper.

3. The military has decided to destroy their brass so it can’t be reloaded.

4. Obama and his henchmen have conspired to . . . . (more…)

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Congealed Carry?

There are stirrings out in the fifty subordinate entities formerly known as states, regarding a national concealed carry licensing standard for handguns. Great idea, huh?

Really? You think that’s a great idea?

Because I know a great idea when I hear one and national concealed carry didn’t even get on the great idea radar when I first heard it. Don’t recognize my expertise in the field? Let’s see if I can buff up my “great idea” bona fides. I not only recognize great ideas, but I’ve even HAD great ideas. The ketchup bottle with a cap so wide you can store it upside down? That’s mine. I had that idea more than 25 years ago. Never bothered to market it. And that’s probably why I’m blogging on WordPress, a free website, instead of declaring bankruptcy for my newspaper conglomerate today. See, my mother was right. Things really do work out for the best. (more…)

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No Guns Here! Please Move Along

Today’s post is one for all you gun hating folks. You hate guns. You hate thinking about guns. And you hate people who either like guns or believe they are necessary to maintaining a free society.

Are you also convinced that unilaterally destroying every weapon owned by our military would accomplish peace and freedom? And I don’t just mean nuclear weapons. Because the logic that says we citizens are better off as a disarmed population in the face of armed criminals and heavily armed government  is the same logic that would claim that we as a nation are better off disarmed in the face of foreign criminals and governments, who presumably wish us no harm as long as we are not interfering in their business. (more…)

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