Real ID Update 8:30 PM Sunday Evening

8:30 Pm – A friend of mine just spoke to the Lieutenant Governor, Brian Krolicki. The L-Gov told him he is “with us.” By that he meant he’s a gun owner too. He also said he didn’t think we could put the genie back in the SB 52 “Real ID” bottle. Seems to me that someone who is desirous of becoming Senator from or Governor of Nevada should have access to a funnel for genie pouring. And maybe an extra bottle cap or two. Such a person should remember that HE DOES NOT WORK FOR JANET NAPOLITANO. Who does he work for? Well, that would be us!

On another front, I’ve heard from someone who has seen the amended version of the bill. The DMV has submitted an amendment that would create two different ID’s as reported in an earlier update. One for in state and one for federal matters. The amendment is a MONSTROSITY.

It’s time to remind your legislators and your Lieutenant Governor who they work for. It is not the Department of Homeland Security.

And this new amended version of SB 52 is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. They can dress up this pig all they want to and add a pretty bonnet to it. But it’s still a pig. More as it happens.

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More On The Sellout

It appears the “REAL ID” bill has been amended to create a two-tiered ID system in the state of Nevada. Sort of like having two classes of citizens. This nightmare just keeps getting worse and nobody will wake me up.

Be sure to call your state senator and your assembly person using the links in the previous post below this one. And while you’re at it, be sure to call Senator William Raggio and Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert. They are the ones pulling this train. And every senator and assemblyman is being told not to look at emails while they are in conference. Get this – They don’t want to be influenced by you! So, we need to influence them with as many phone calls as possible!

Tell them in no uncertain terms we are not servants of the federal government and WE DO NOT WANT REAL ID!

Senator Ragio775-684-1419

Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert at775-684-8837

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Nevada Ready To Sell Out

Sunday, May 31st – 2:55 PM – Looks like we have our answer. At the behest of Janet Naplitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, our state legislators, led by Senator Dennis Nolan (R-Hell), have decided to pass Senate Bill 52 (“Real ID”), with¬† a name change or as an amendment to another bill to try to hide it. It’s also quite possible they’ll throw it in the hopper with a bunch of non-controversial bills and pass them en masse by voice vote sometime tonight or tomorrow. They assume we won’t taste the bitter medicine as it slides down our throats. They also assume we won’t know who to blame. But remember, Nolan isn’t the only one in on this. It is EVERY REPUBLICAN and EVERY DEMOCRAT in our state government. All it takes is one stubborn legislator to force¬† a recorded vote. (more…)

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The All Nevada Gun

Montana recently passed gun legislation purported to avoid the Federal Constitution’s interstate commerce clause. That’s the clause the federal government uses to reach in and regulate everything from anything to everything else. The legislation would create an “entirely made in Montana” gun industry that is supposed to be beyond the reach of the Potomac Posse.

I wish Montana good luck with this attempt to circumvent the grasping fingers of the Federales. Several other states, including Texas, are reportedly set to follow suit. And here in Nevada, a number of groups appear ready to push for similar legislation. Even though I am intensely sympathetic to this approach, there appear to be two problems with it. (more…)

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Sonia, Who Art Thou?

I promised yesterday to write about the gun rights predisposition of President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

My first inclination when the president, ANY PRESIDENT, nominates someone to the Supreme Court is to hope the nominee has an illegal nanny, is a tax cheat, and has naked pictures of him/herself all over the internet. That way, we can really know a little bit about them. Not germane, you say? Well, maybe, but it’s certainly a lot more interesting than learning which standard of scrutiny the nominee believes in, or which part of the Fourteenth Amendment he or she thinks is the one driving the incorporation bus. (More on that later.) (more…)

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Guns Are Discipline

I’m currently perusing the track record of Judge Sonia Sotomayor and rolling it around in my patchwork neural network. Pretty meager record on gun rights by the looks of it. But I’ll have synthesized it and will present an analysis likely different than you’ll see anywhere else on it tomorrow.

Today I just want to write a bit about weapons in general, and guns in particular. If you have never owned or operated a gun, you probably think they’re these dangerous, unpredictable animals that kill and maim, much like a rabid pit bull, a starving grizzlie or just about any scorpion (they don’t have to be rabid or starving, they’re simply bad tempered) . They just can’t help it. Mercy! Save me from those dangerous guns! (more…)

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Gun Privileges

We are truly blessed to live in this great nation of ours. We have a document, a real living, breathing piece of paper (hemp paper, actually) that recognizes, not grants, our rights as a free people. The fact that our Bill of Rights RECOGNIZES many rights that preceded it is a point that has been more and more lost as succeeding generations have benefited from this recognition.

Most of us can list many of the rights we enjoy. The right to peaceably assemble. The right to petition for redress of grievances. The right to freely worship. The right to free speech. The right not to incriminate ourselves. The privilege to keep and bear arms. CLANK. (more…)

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“Not My Legislator!”

I’m going to try to keep this blog centered on Nevada. That’s because I live in Nevada. But when important national gun issues come up, I’ll probably delve into them as well.

For my first blog post, I will begin by addressing the most common gun rights canard I hear. One of my friends in the gun rights movement will get a call from someone, or I’ll bump into someone at a political meeting, who happens to know how important I consider gun rights. (more…)

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