No Guns Here! Please Move Along

Today’s post is one for all you gun hating folks. You hate guns. You hate thinking about guns. And you hate people who either like guns or believe they are necessary to maintaining a free society.

Are you also convinced that unilaterally destroying every weapon owned by our military would accomplish peace and freedom? And I don’t just mean nuclear weapons. Because the logic that says we citizens are better off as a disarmed population in the face of armed criminals and heavily armed government  is the same logic that would claim that we as a nation are better off disarmed in the face of foreign criminals and governments, who presumably wish us no harm as long as we are not interfering in their business.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I can hear you protesting that our government is a benign entity that spends its time toiling in our best interest. Okay, let’s say it is. Did you feel that way when Bush and Cheney were running the place? How about Nixon? What about four or eight years from now when the pendulum once again swings and Jeb Bush is being serenaded by the strains of Hail To The Chief?

Okay. So you trust President Obama to look out for you. I get it. And you sort of trusted Bill Clinton to do the same, as long as he could get his hands on a Big Mac in the deal. You decidedly do not believe in peace through strength.

But even though you hate guns and don’t feel the need for self-protection, you benefit from guns. You benefit from what those in the immunization business call “herd immunity.” Just the possibility that you own a weapon is enough to keep some criminals from making you the target of violence, thievery or home invasion.

Think I’m wrong? Then I’ve got an easy way for you to prove it. Remove your herd immunity. Post a sign on your house that reads “THERE ARE NO WEAPONS ON THESE PREMISES! PLEASE MOVE ALONG. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.” And you can supplement that by sewing a brightly colored patch on your jacket that says “I DO NOT, NOR WILL I EVER, OWN OR CARRY A GUN.”

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Until next time.

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