Congealed Carry?

There are stirrings out in the fifty subordinate entities formerly known as states, regarding a national concealed carry licensing standard for handguns. Great idea, huh?

Really? You think that’s a great idea?

Because I know a great idea when I hear one and national concealed carry didn’t even get on the great idea radar when I first heard it. Don’t recognize my expertise in the field? Let’s see if I can buff up my “great idea” bona fides. I not only recognize great ideas, but I’ve even HAD great ideas. The ketchup bottle with a cap so wide you can store it upside down? That’s mine. I had that idea more than 25 years ago. Never bothered to market it. And that’s probably why I’m blogging on WordPress, a free website, instead of declaring bankruptcy for my newspaper conglomerate today. See, my mother was right. Things really do work out for the best.

Let’s say you live in Vermont or Alaska. No permit required to practice your right to defend yourself. Sweet, right? My great idea radar is pinned in the red. How about if you live in more than thirty other states, where you can purchase your permitted right for up to a couple hundred dollars and maybe half a dozen hours of being lectured by a gun store owner. Small price to pay, you say?  Okay, we’ll disagree without being disagreeable, you spineless, groveling puke. My mother always said I didn’t play well with others. (That’s two for you, mom.)

Let’s further posit that insanely anti-gun New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California are part of these United States. (Gag on your own time, I’m making a point here.) Just try getting a concealed carry permit in any of those states. I dare you. And those four states and a few others are very heavily represented in our federal government. The congressional delegation of California alone is about a quarter of the way to passing any legislation in the house of representatives, and the aforementioned four states added together are more than half way there. Additionally, the senators from those states head a list of gun rights shame that stretches to about ninety other senators, and starts with Schumer, Lautenberg and Feinstein.

I’ll add yet another steaming pile to the already putrid mix. The Supreme Court. Let’s call them what they really are: Nine Lawyers in Robes who get to tell all the other lawyers what to do, for life, as long as they are not found in the intimate company of barnyard animals. These nine stalwarts, along with those who preceded them, have found ways to lie about gun rights that would make a hooker blush. In fact, a certain acquaintance of Justice Antonin Scalia, a sheep he affectionately calls “Precious,” blushed at the Heller decision. But I’ve said too much.

Forget the fact that a right should never be licensed and regulated into becoming a privilege. NEVER. Forget that a federal standard for permitting this right might make travel easier, or at least less legally confusing. And while you’re forgetting those things, remember this: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer will be determining the rules for this national privilege card you so badly desire. They will be in charge of the committees that shepherd (yeah, another sheep reference) this bill through the legislative process. THEY will be setting this new national standard.

Let’s just call the new national standard “Congealed Carry” or New York/California Carry. Or let’s call it what it really is: Sheep dip. (Yes, another sheep reference. Deal with it.) Until next time.

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  1. You did not say this enough–

    “Forget the fact that a right should never be licensed and regulated into becoming a privilege. NEVER.”

    So I’m saying it again.

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