Sonia Sotomayor Wants You To Die

Yeah, that may seem like a dramatic title for a blog post. But it is undeniable that future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wants you to be completely defenseless. She said so yesterday. And in any situation in which your life is in jeopardy, being defenseless is prelude to being dead.

Did she come right out and categorically say she wants you defenseless? Of course not. But she did change the subject when asked point blank if you have a right to self defense. Here’s what she said:

“That’s an abstract question.”

Pressed again on the subject, she delved into her years of experience as a New York City prosecutor:

“If there’s a threat of serious injury you can use force. How imminent is the threat? If the threat is in the room and I go home get a gun and come back and shoot you, that may not be legal under New York law.”

This is pretty clear on its face. She gave a legalistic, non-responsive answer to a fundamental question. And just to make it even clearer, here’s how that exchange would go with, you know, two human beings:

Human Being 1 – “Do I have a right to self defense?”

Human Being 2 – “Yes.”

See how simple that was? Question. Answer. Just two humans hanging out on the corner talking.

But Future Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s answer demonstrated a lot more than she intended it to. First, she can’t imagine a scenario in which you should be able to defend yourself. She instantly created a situation in her mind in which one person is threatened, then runs home to get a gun, then returns to demolish his presumably still waiting attacker. Is that how street muggings and home invasions go? Because I could have sworn they sometimes happen much more quickly than that.

The Future Justice also told us that there is no way in which she forsees the Second Amendment being incoporated to apply to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment. Notice she said that the person defending him or herself had to “go home” to get a gun? That means it’s okay for New York State to tell a person he or she can’t carry a gun. “Right to keep and bear arms” is the phrase in the Bill of Rights. If you can’t do one or the other or both, you don’t have a right. You have a privilege. Or rather, you DON’T have a privilege.

And Future Justice Sotomayor also signaled that she favors the rule of the jungle. You may know that rule. It’s the one that says the faster, younger, stronger and more aggressive survive. It applies to jungles, athletics and most industries other than banking and automobile manufacturing. So, if someone bigger and stronger than you attacks, call the Marquess of Queensbury to make sure it’s a fair fight. Because your keeping and bearing arms option is not protected by this future justice.

If I’m attacked, I’m definitely calling the Marquess of Queensberryy. Not to insure a fair fight, but to ask him to get me a gun, and fast. Until next time.

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