Who Are These People?

You know who I’m talking about. Who are these people who feel so safe, so secure in this world that they’re happy to wait for the police to show up and protect them when violence threatens? I ask a serious question here. Because I know people who are anti-gun rights, and they do not feel all that protected. They merely have made the calculation that a crazed, gun-toting killer is more likely to harm them than a concealed weapon carrying do-gooder is likely to help them. (They don’t connect the dots enough to realize that the crazed killer would likely get a gun illegally, no matter what the law said. But that’s not my point here.)

Those are not the folks I’m asking about. I am asking about newspaper editorial writers, television commentators, legislators, captains of industry, judges and prosecutors. These are the people who seem to feel the safest, the most secure and protected. And these are the people who, more than any others, shape public opinion and policy regarding self-defense.

Examine that list. These are not your average Joes. You won’t see your plumber there, or your auto mechanic. Your bartender isn’t on that list and neither is your barber. And there is a reason for that. When your plumber, mechanic or barber calls the police because he is being threatened or attacked, the dispatcher may send a patrol car, but response times being what they are, the episode is very likely to be over by the time the cops get there. And it’s quite possible you’ll be in the market for a new plumber, mechanic or barber.

But if you’re a television executive or a prosecutor living in a guard gated neighborhood, not only do you have a gate and a guard, but you also very likely have a patrol car “making the rounds” nearby. Your call is a high priority and the police will fall upon your attacker with haste and righteous thunder. They may actually run over a couple of innocent bystanders, like your plumber and barber, in their rush to get there.

Who are these people who don’t believe you should be able to protect yourself? They are your well-protected betters. Just ask them. They’ll deny it, then steal a quick peek at their Rolex and skurry off to a previous engagenemt behind their police escort. Until next time.

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