A Tale Of Two Attacks . . . And One Idiot

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was attacked a few days ago. He heard a woman crying out for someone to call 911, and he did what he could to assist her. What did he do? Well, first off, he tried to calm down the drunken man who was bothering her. Okay so far, though calming down an angry drunk may be beyond the job description of a mayor. Then, he took out his cell phone and told them he was going to call 911 so the police could sort it out. Yes, he really did. That’s an awful lot like a woman who’s being raped telling her attacker,”Listen, pal, I’m now going to kick you in the nads with my left knee, then I’m going to dig into your eyes with my fingernails. And when I’m done there, I’m going to call 911 so they can sort things out. That good with you?” (more…)

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Yes, Your Legislator Is Anti-Gun

I received a comment on an earlier blog post calling me out for being unfair to Congressman Dean Heller (R-Safest Seat In The Country) and at least one state legislator. I’ve gotten comments like this in person as well. Most often state legislators Ty Cobb and James Settlemeyer are mentioned as being friends of gun rights. Mind you, I never mentioned any of these people by name in that blog post. I merely said we have no friends in Carson City when it comes to gun rights. And I stand by that statement.

Let me make this clear. If you are not a leader on gun rights – if you don’t have that fire in the belly for the right to self-defense of every American citizen – then you are not a friend of gun rights. It’s just that simple.Yes, all three of the above mentioned legislators are above average when voting on gun rights. But in this case, average stinks and above average is not praise worthy. Above average merely means you’re a little less awful. And all evidence to the contrary, I’d like to believe we can do a little better than that. (more…)

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