A Tale Of Two Attacks . . . And One Idiot

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was attacked a few days ago. He heard a woman crying out for someone to call 911, and he did what he could to assist her. What did he do? Well, first off, he tried to calm down the drunken man who was bothering her. Okay so far, though calming down an angry drunk may be beyond the job description of a mayor. Then, he took out his cell phone and told them he was going to call 911 so the police could sort it out. Yes, he really did. That’s an awful lot like a woman who’s being raped telling her attacker,”Listen, pal, I’m now going to kick you in the nads with my left knee, then I’m going to dig into your eyes with my fingernails. And when I’m done there, I’m going to call 911 so they can sort things out. That good with you?”

There is a time and a place in this world for using your head for something other than the target of a metal pipe. Hizzoner went the metal pipe route. And really, what other choice did he have? He could have simply called 911 from a distance. Let’s be honest, that’s what most of us would have done in his position. Instead, he did his good Samaritan mediator thing, and as we all know, people always respond to this. We are a peaceful and caring race, we humans. And alcohol fueled domestic disputes, which this turned out to be one of, always end happily and without physical violence . . . in Milwaukee.

But here on Earth, where I live, things are not quite so rosy. The attacker told the mayor he had a gun and was not afraid to use it. Probably just alcohol driven bravado, since the man never produced a gun and the news accounts don’t mention finding one (which they surely would have if one had been found.) However, the man did produce a metal pipe of some kind and proceeded to school the mayor in tooth removal and skull/metal pipe impact physics. The mayor also learned that a perfectly good hand applied to another object at a certain velocity will manage to employ at least one hand surgeon to go along with the plastic surgeons and oral surgeons working on the rest of you.

A few days earlier, Harlem business owner, 72 year old Charles J. Augusto, Jr. found himself on the business end of a robbery. Four young men entered his place of business. They came equipped with duct tape and plastic handcuffs. And a Glock 9 mm handgun. I think it’s safe to say they intended harm, especially since one of them began pistol whipping an employee who resisted being bound. Mr. Augusto seems like a perfectly amiable man, and by all accounts, he is. He actually thought he’d managed to talk the robbers into leaving. But sadly, they did not. And that’s when Mr. Augusto picked up his shotgun and proceeded to surgically dismantle the robbery. Three shots, four robbers hit. Two deaths, two lesser casualties. And nowhere in the reports of the incident do I find that he hit anything but what he aimed at. No stray pellets seem to have struck a single employee or customer.

My admiration for this man’s skill with a shotgun aside, he tried to avoid violence. He did his best to talk his way out of the situation. But when he realized he could not do so, and his employee was being viciously attacked, he acted and acted appropriately. Would that all such situations could be handled with the effectiveness of this one. But if you noticed the tone of the stories written immediately following the incident, they all finished up with a sentence speculating that the shotgun may not have been registered. And they stated that Mr. Augusto may be charged with a misdemeanor weapons violation if it was not registered.

The reason I mention these two stories is that both Milwaukee and New York City are cities in which you have no right to defend yourself. You are not allowed to legally carry a handgun for self defense. Mayor Barrett wants you to be the object of violence with no chance to be armed. Same with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Barrett went out without his armed police bodyguards just once and found out what it’s like for the rest of us. Think he’ll change his mind about the right to self defense? Think that when’s he’s Wisconsin’s new governor, he’ll champion a concealed carry law?

New York Mayor Bloomberg, I’m guessing, goes nowhere without at least three platoons of Hessians in tow. But that’s because he’s so important. A mayor of New York is a supercitizen whose life benefits us all. So it only stands to reason that he should have a bevy of armed guards. After all, it’s for our own good.

What’s the take away from all this? Mayor Barrett is a dunce who wants you to defend yourself only with a cellphone. And now that he’s gotten his brains beaten in by trying it, don’t expect his opinion to change. Maybe we can blame it on the trauma, but more likely he’s just an idiot. Mr. Augusto, the business owner, was lucky that he kept a shotgun in his place of business and that the robbers decided to rob him there. Because if they’d waited for him to carry his cash to the bank for deposit, he would have been more helpless than Mayor Barrett. When not in his store, he is unable to legally carry any kind of weapon.

And another thing. Where are all the follow up articles about Mr. Augusto? The ones that tell us whether he will be charged. The ones that tell us whether the shotgun was actually registered or not. I see one follow up interview with Mr. Augusto, which is reproduced in various forms on about half a dozen internet websites. However, I see a ton of follow up and video about heroic Mayor Barrett today.

Mr. Augusto acted to save his employees’ lives. Mayor Barrett made himself a defenseless target and put himself and others at risk. Two attacks. One idiot. Mr. Augusto may be charged with a technical violation and fined. And the idiot will likely become governor of his state. Some things just feel right, don’t they?

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  1. Nicely said,

    “Barrett went out without his armed police bodyguards just once and found out what it’s like for the rest of us. Think he’ll change his mind about the right to self defense? Think that when’s he’s Wisconsin’s new governor, he’ll champion a concealed carry law?”

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