Un-Concealed Carry?

You’re out on the town, concealed carry permit all plastic-coated shiny, tucked away between the folds of your eel skin wallet. Very chic. Very cosmopolitan. Very self-satisfied. Very dangerous.

Huh? How can a shiny plastic piece of heaven like a concealed carry permit be dangerous? The edges aren’t very sharp. I supposed if you flung it at a hundred miles per hour, Chinese throwing star style, it could sever a few millimeters of skin. If you wadded it up and left it on an arctic beach, I imagine a baby seal could choke on it. How about that mug shot of you, smiling and proud to have the state’s seal of approval (license) to practice your natural human right to self-defense? Well, a picture of me could scare small children most days, but I’m guessing your picture isn’t likely too dangerous. (more…)

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But, They’re CRAZY People!

In almost every state in the country, there is a bill nicknamed the Veteran Disarmament Bill working its way through the legislative obstacle course. And for the most part, this bill has sailed through with little change and much less fanfare.

The Veteran Disarmament Bill (Nevada’s AB46) recently went to the governor of Nevada’s desk, and he signed it so quietly that as noted yesterday, the nice folks answering his phones mostly didn’t know that he’d signed it four days ago. And the signing also didn’t make its way to the state website until four days after the fact.

The story of how this bill showed up everywhere at once, and how it passed in Nevada is the story of two things: 1. Bribery and 2. Political Spinelessness. (more…)

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Stealth Anti-Gun Rights Legislation

The legislative session is now completely over here in Nevada. When they call Sine Die (end of business), don’t you sort of wish they’d go away and never come back?

Here’s why I say that. We were able to kill two out of three anti-gun rights bills. Were the bills named something like the “We’re Going to Take Away Your Guns Act”? Of course not. One was called “Real ID” and the other was, well, it really never had a catchy name. It started out as a bill forcing county hospitals to offer cancer treatment as part of their indigent care programs. Then, it became a bill to treat not wearing your seatbelt as a primary offense. So, maybe we’ll call that the “Cancer Kills You, But Not Wearing Your Seatbelt Gets You A Search Of Your Car And A Fine Act.” If you want to check out what was in these bills, they were formally called Senate Bill 52 and Assembly Bill 433, and they can be found on the Nevada Legislature website. Not from Nevada? No problem. Look at your own state’s legislative pages and you’ll find the same bills floating around there, as well as something nicknamed the Veteran Disarmament Act (AB 46 in Nevada.) More on that tomorrow. (more…)

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Concealed Carry Mindset

Those who carry guns are often accused of being “cowboys” and of “itching for a fight.”

Surely that’s why we hear report after report of concealed carry weapons being flashed in grocery stores, libraries and movie theaters at the smallest provocation. And that’s why we hear about shootouts over line jumping at the Dairy Queen.

Goodness knows a Blueberry Blizzard at DQ is worth fighting for, but there is a very simple reason you don’t hear about those gun fights the Brady Campaign would have you believe happen all the time. It’s because they don’t happen. Why not? Because just about everyone who carries a concealed weapon for protection understands that even the most righteous shooting will bring a world of pain and anguish down on him or her. Even if completely justified and unavoidable, there are few things as traumatic as shooting another human being, and possibly taking his life.

Those who carry nearly all tell me the same story. They avoid places that are poorly lit or prone to crime. They avoid putting themselves into situations where they might have to use their weapon. They try not to go shopping after dark. They don’t dilly dally when getting into their car. In a parking lot, they scan the lot as they approach their car, then take a quick look around the car before getting in. The first thing they do after getting into the car is lock the doors. And they DON’T EVER amble through a parking lot with a cell phone to their ear, oblivious to their surroundings, while being regaled with tales of Aunt Irma’s shingles.

They maintain proper spacing on the roadways. No reason to anger someone by tailgating. They don’t pull right up to the car in front of them at stoplights because there is never a reason not to leave yourself an escape route. And they don’t ride their horn and scream at other drivers who have made a mistake. (That kind of behavior should be reserved for your friends and family. Just ask my kids.)

In this world, there may be some very good reasons for ending a fight, but there are very few good reasons not to avoid a fight, and almost no good reasons to start a fight. That’s the proper mindset for someone who’s carrying a deadly weapon. And the reason you don’t hear about the Dairy Queen Marauder is because that is the mindset of those who carry concealed. Until next time.

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Guns Engender Good Behavior

A friend of mine used to be a deputy constable. He was a big man. Six feet tall and over three-hundred fifty pounds. He was also diabetic and suffered from diabetic neuropathy, so he didn’t always know quite where his feet were. He had to serve warrants and sometimes make arrests. And his standard arrest speech went something like this:

I’m old. I’m slow. And as you can see, I’m not in great shape. So if you run, I’m going to be forced to shoot you. The choice is yours.

Nobody ever decided to test his resolve.

See what I mean? Even though he never had to use his gun (thankfully), he was able to engender good behavior just by having it available.

Until next time.

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What Exactly Is Underneath Those Robes?

Okay, just a quick note. Check the previous post if you’re from Nevada and call the governor. Hizzoner still has the Veterans Disarmament Bill on his desk and from what I hear, he’s wanting to sign it. PLEASE ENCOURAGE HIM TO VETO THIS BILL – AB46. Thanks.

On to today’s topic: Judges. I’ve spoken of “incorporation” of the Bill of Rights before. This happens when federal judges find that either the “due process” clause or the “privileges and immunities” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights prohibits state and lower governments from depriving us of those rights enumerated (and conceivably unenumerated) in the Federal Bill of Rights.

Seems simple, right? But where our rights are concerned, and more specifically our gun rights are concerned, judges want to make us crawl across a bowling alley parking lot on Sunday Morning to claim them. (Yes, I’m alluding to a thousand broken beer bottles worth of glass.) They’ve come up with a “selective incorporation” racket. That means we have some rights and not others. Nice, huh? (more…)

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Sine Die – Oh Me Oh My – We’re Not Quite Done

2pm June 2nd – Only one more piece of legislative flotsam left to take care of and we can shake off what will surely be called the Session Of The Living Dead in Carson City. So many bad bills were resuscitated during this session that there were zombie sightings all over town before the offending bills eventually stumbled back to their graves last night. We’ve done very well to avoid these zombie bills so far.

What’s left? JUST ONE MORE THING. You need to call The Honorable Jim Gibbons: 775-684-5670 and tell him to VETO AB46, the Veterans Disarmament Act. This bill will add countless new hurdles to the already shaky Brady Check System.

There are already many stories of Nevadans being denied the ability to purchase a firearm because of mistakes in the Brady System and the state run “Baby Brady” system. Now add mental health records, shake, stir, take away due process rights for years, and you have AB46.

Call Governor Jim Gibbons: 775-684-5670 and tell the very nice lady who answers the phone that you want the Governor to VETO AB46 – The Veterans Disarmament Act.

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Great News! SB52 and AB433 Dead! No Mourning Necessary!

7:00 am, Tuesday, June 2nd – You did it. Senate Bill 52 “Real ID” and Assembly Bill 433 “Primary Offense Seat Belt Fishing Expeditions” have both died.

And they died without prolonged life support, if you can ignore the fact that they were resuscitated back to life more times than our fiscally wheezing state’s heart could almost stand. The Assembly did exactly what it should have done. They went home and went to bed while the Senate was hard at work proving that no bad idea ever dies without a fight.

The take away lessons for everyone are these:

1. Constant pressure on Carson City can sometimes stop bad legislation.

2. Always fighting holding actions (stopping bad stuff or only partially stopping bad stuff) will never re-establish our right to keep and bear arms.

3. If we’re not moving forward on gun rights, we are losing.

So, catch your breath. Go out and get some sunshine. Have a cookout. Go to the lake. Do whatever happy dance you do when you’ve done some good in the world. Then, let’s all get ready to advance the cause of gun rights forward. Enough loss mitigation. Enough stopping of bad stuff. Let’s play on their side of the ball for a change.

I’ll let you know who your friends on these bills were when I get more information. Until next time.

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Governor Gibbons Will Be Tested – Call Him at 775-684-5670

6:55 pm Monday, June 1 – Oh, yes. Governor Gibbons will be tested. Make no mistake about it. And we have to hope he stands tall in the face of an onslaught of bad, anti-gun legislation.

SB 52 “Real ID” will pass, if it already hasn’t, with only token resistance from a few Republicans. I will specifically mention stalwart Don Gustavson as a principled opponent of overreaching government, who has stated he will oppose this bill. But for some strange reason, “Real ID” is as popular with most politicians as it is unpopular with average Nevadans (that’s you.) It is time for us to exert the kind of pressure that is felt at the ballot box. And even more so, we need to let those who are pushing this thing know that we will actively work against them if they support Real ID, and work for them if they oppose it. That means we must commit to walking precincts and/or calling our neighbors to let them know who their friends are in Carson City.

Just a brief refresher – SB 52 is backdoor gun registration on a scale so large it’s almost unfathomable. (I suppose I needn’t remind you that registration always precedes confiscation.) Then take that registration and place it in a machine readable strip on a plastic card, along with your SSN, physical address (no PO Boxes anymore for you, you privacy freaks) and an RFID to track your movements whenever your card is swiped. Tie it up in a bow with biometric data and this is a veritable feast for starving identity thieves. It will be available to literally millions of government employees from the President (bad enough) to the local Barney Fife on the beat. Don’t think Barney is out there? Drive through rural (insert state name here) sometime and tell me that with a straight face.


There is another bill you might want to take a gander at. AB 433. Seems it was birthed as a cancer treatment bill. Now, who’s against that? Raise your hands. Seeing none, the bill passes unani . . . . . whoa! Hold on thar, pardner! This is apparently no longer what the bill is about. It has become a “primary offense” seatbelt bill. How is that related to gun rights? In states that have been visited by the seat belt nannies, seatbelt stops have become gun stops. Get that? The first quesion to anyone stopped for not wearing their seatbelt has been “Are you carrying a gun?” Say what? Why is that anyone’s business? So much for the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. You can be stopped because an officer “thought” you might not be buckled up. Seems like the perfect opening gambit for a fishing expedition.


If you oppose both back door and front door gun control, call Governor Gibbons and tell him SB 52 and AB 433 must be vetoed. Tell your friends and families to call too. I promise you they are counting the calls.

The Honorable Jim Gibbons: 775-684-5670.

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Your Governor Is Your Last Hope to Kill “Real ID”

12:47 pm, Monday June 1st – Uggghh. Governor Gibbons is your last hope to defeat the privacy-stealing “Real ID.” From what I hear, the Real ID bill is a done deal in both the Senate and the Assembly.

There’s still reason to let Assembly Speaker Buckley know what you think about this mess of a bill. Her contact info is here – 775-684-8537.

But the real action will soon rest with your Governor, the Honorable Jim Gibbons. Should he choose to honor the wishes of Nevadans all across the political spectrum, he must veto this bill. Will that stop it? That’s a big maybe. But maybe is still better than nothing.

Here is a list of possibilities on which our hope to kill Real ID rests:

1. Lightning strikes the Senate chamber. (I just heard the Senate chaplain invoke the deity, and yet not even a thunderclap ensued.)

2. Earthquake strikes the Assembly Chamber. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

But short of a natural disaster (arguable) our best chance to induce some spine stiffening amongst our legislators would be a VETO by the Honorable Governor.

Please contact Governor Jim Gibbons and tell him we want him to veto Real ID (SB 52.) We don’t care if it is overridden. Somebody in our government brothel in Carson City MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE PEOPLE of Nevada!

Call Speaker Buckley first. That is very important. Then call The Honorable Jim Gibbons: 775-684-5670. Again, time is of the essence.

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